Best golf exercises for your body

A golfer needs a strong set of muscles in their stomach and hips, but also on the lower back. You cannot make a good golf swing without these sets of muscles. Just like any other sport, golf needs a proper set of workout too. So, here is a list of the best golf exercises which will keep you fit and strong to bring you the ability to make the right swing.

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Mini band walk forward

This is one of the best golf exercises. You need to do one set of ten steps. The resistance because of the stretch acts against your legs, activating and strengthening the glutes. This is the key to maintain a well built base when you are swinging, mostly at a faster speed. You should place a mini band around your legs, right above the knee and another mini band around your ankles. You have to walk forward in small steps while keeping your knees bent and alternating the elbows which should be driving back with each step.

Mini band walk sideways

You need to do one set of these of ten steps at each side. The resistance of the band against the legs, strengthens and activates the groin, hips, glutes and quads so that you can maintain a sturdy base while swinging. You have to lace a mini band legs right around the angles and another above your knees. You have to walk then sideways in tiny steps. Keep your legs straight and alternate your elbow like you do while running.

Hip crossovers

This is also one of the best golf exercises. You must do one set with six reps in each direction. Since you are twisting your lower body, it helps in stretching the muscles as well as tendons of the hips and the lower back. You have to lie with your face up and your arms on the sides, your knees need to be bent and your feet should be wider than your shoulder width. Keep your heels on the ground. Now you have to twist your legs which are bent to the left till they touch the ground and then repeat the same towards the right.

Glute bridges

You need to do one set of these and ten reps. It is obviously an amazing workout for your glutes, but it also makes your hamstring and lower back strong, making it one of the best golf exercises. The position in which this exercise is done is very similar to the position that a golfer has when he pushes his hips in the targeted direction. You have to lie with your face up and your arms out on your sides. Knees are to be bent and toes are to be off the ground. Squeeze your butt muscles (glutes) and push your hips upwards till your body is perpendicular to your shoulder and knees.