Best Scuba Regulator

Of course, you can always rent scuba gear at any local dive shop. However, if you really want to explore more and improve your experience underwater, then you should buy your own set of great scuba gear. With your own set of gear, everything will always fit and you won’t have to wait for the shop to open, or worry about hygiene.

Shopping for scuba regulator might not be as easy as you think. The experience can be daunting sometimes especially if you don’t know what to look for. To make your work easier, we have selected some of the best scuba regulators of 2018 that you can’t go wrong with. Check them out!

  1. SCUBAPRO MK25 A700

If you are looking to buy a top of the line scuba regulator, then you should definitely go for SCUBAPRO MK25 A700. It is extremely easy to breathe from irrespective of the position. The regulator features a swiveling first stage with 5 low-pressure ports. It is reliable, high quality regulator that is recommended for cold water use.


This scuba regulator is packed with great features to ensure the best scuba diving experience. It features 2 high pressure and 5-low pressure ports on a swivel 360 degree first stage. In case you have a dive computer which you are planning to use with an analogue pressure gauge and transmitter at the same time, then this is the most convenient set up.


This is arguable the best option available in the market today for cold water diving. MARES ABYSS NAVY, a scuba regulator that meets US navy standards, uses thermal transfer properties of an oil-filled environmental seal and an all-metal design to counteract the effects and protect the user from cold water.


Lighter doesn’t get better than APEKS FLIGHT in the world of scuba regulators. In fact, it is the lightest of all available regulators you can find in the market. This scuba regulator has been designed for traveling divers. It has a women’s and men’s version, which means that it takes into account the ability, preference and special features of both sexes. It features a high-flex hose that reduces its weight even further.

  1. ZEAGLE F8

This gear is one of the most comfortable and ergonomic scuba dive regulators one can buy in 2018. The second stage is not only light, but compact as well. If you value comfort, then the Zeagle F8 is your perfect choice.