The Best Interactive Dog Toys In 2018

Like human beings, dogs require fun and interactive toys for their growth. Interactive dog toys provide mental and well balanced stimulation making dogs easy to train. Interactive dog toys aids with removing some   canine behavior that may arise from boredom or frustrations. It is quite difficult, however, to select which is the best interactive dog toy for your dog.   These are a few of the best interactive dog toys to choose from.

Wobble wag giggle dog toy

Based on how much dogs love chasing after balls, then wobble wag giggle dog toy qualifies to be the best interactive dog toy. The wobble wag giggle is a ball that has a very uneven surface and can go at any direction at any time. Every time your dog gives it a push, it sounds and produces a giggling sound. This ball has already built in clutch pockets making it easy to pick the ball from the dog’s mouth. Dog owners need not be worried about the safety of the dog toy because the material used is pet safe and durable.

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Hide-A- squirrel and puzzle plush squeaking toys

This is a dog puzzle that is built to mimic a tree stump where the squirrels hide. The aim of this game is to tease the predatory instincts of your dog. The dog will sniff through the holes in attempt to capture and pull out the squirrels. Alternatively, you can throw the squirrels so that your dog will go and fetch it. The materials used to make this dog toys are pet friendly too!

Bob –A- lot dog toy from star Marks

Dog treats are important for training your dog. This dog toy makes it even more interesting. Bob-A- lot dog toy is designed with two compartments that you can hide two of your best dog treats. The compartments are also adjustable to the sizes you want.  It is now the task of your dog to try and open these compartments to get its reward, his favorite treats!

Zogoflex tux interactive dog toy

Treats should not come easy for your dog. Zogoflex tux dog toy has three circular balls attached centripetally with a hole in the middle. Through this hole, you fit in the dog treats and it is upon the dog to figure out how to obtain these treats. This dog toy is flexible too and can be used for water related activities because it’s highly buoyant.


There are very many dog toys in the market to choose from. Each dog toy has its own unique features over others. Understanding what your dog wants and the interactive dog toys in the market would help to identify which is the best interactive dog toy to purchase.