What are the best driving irons 2019?

To keep the ball away from the rolls and tees in the fairway especially when it is windy the utility iron or the driving iron comes in handy. When the driver you are using tends to be misbehaving or performing poorly the driving iron can be your life saver. The driving irons have reputation of being unforgiving but the advancements in technology has made it possible to maximize the distance covered while using the driving iron.


This driving iron has been classically designed with the speedfoam manufactured by TaylorMade to ensure that the maximum distance is covered within a short duration of time. This driving iron has gained a lot of popularity this year making it one of the best driving irons in 2019. The features of this driving iron include a carbon steel with a strength of 4140 that is used in wrapping the face of the hollow part of the iron. The 4140 carbon is used in combination with the 8620 carbon to strengthen it and make it soft.

The hollow part in the 790 UDI is filled with speedfoam materials manufactured by TaylorMade. The hollow part’s function is to manage the feel and sound of the ball as well as speed generation in the ball. The low density speedfoam material is injected in the clubhead to give the face of the driving iron support as well as properties related to damping.

PXG 0311 X GEN2

The thin topline in addition to the minimal offset due to the low CG are the distinctive features about this driving iron. The driving iron has been specifically designed for the purpose of creating a flight that is low and penetrating. To dampen the vibrations COR2 is used. The design has been built to provide large distance coverage while at the same time n being extremely forgiving. The huge hollow part facilitates for flexing of the face while making high ball speeds. The wide sole of the driving iron makes it easy to identify it with ease among other driving irons.


Expert players who are in search of a long driving iron that is very forgiving will fall in love with this Callaway driving iron because it does exactly that. the manufacturing of this driving iron was done together with the tour players in the brand. The head has a CG that has been strategically positioned to be in line with the middle part of the face to allow it to give the ball maximum speed in a straight and low flight.