Which Are The Best Wrestling Shoes Out There?

Wrestling is usually understood if you mention John Cena or The Rock. Boxing and wrestling borrow from each other but they are definitely not the same. Boxing involves hands only but wrestling is fighting with every part of you. Well, the wrestling game has its own rules and dress code which is followed by every player. This goes all down to the shoes. Okay, you never thought wrestling could have shoes too did you? Well, if there are shoes for runners why not wrestlers?

Good shoes for wrestling are not stated in the rules but for a competitive game, a participant needs light, comfortable and fitting shoes for stability. Slowness will lead to defeat and that’s the reason for light weight shoes. Let us look at some of the best wrestling shoes people are talking about.

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The Asics Men’s Elite Wrestling Shoes

First of all, the color of these shoes is gold and some black. Gold colored shoes are somehow special in the wrestling world. I don’t know if it’s good luck or what. Well, that’s for players to know. The Asics elite shoes are shiny, light and the material is fabricated thanks to Jordan Burroughs. He is a world wrestler and a pioneer for these wrestling shoes so you can be sure you won’t go wrong.

The Adidas Performance Adizero Version 14

Adidas is not only known for football and casual shoes. When it comes to wrestling, they are competing with Asics for first position. This performance adizero shoe is attractive and also light for both a professional and an amateur. The material used for making the shoe is mesh giving it breathing space so that the user won’t sweat or produce little sweat. The mesh also enhances quick drying of the shoe. Just like the Asics shoe adizero was designed with the help of Jake Varner who is a world champion too.

Adidas Combat Shoes Also Known as Speed 4

Well, this combat shoe has qualified as one of the best wrestling shoes thanks to the light weight material it possesses. Out there, they have been branded the lightest shoes for wrestling purposes with some giving it praise for being able to fit nicely just like a pair of socks. The material is also breathable meaning your sweaty feet will be dry within minutes giving you stability inside the shoe.


The best wrestling shoes usually have lightweight material and attractive colors to complete the player’s preferences. Try some of the listed best wrestling shoes today and notice a difference.